Monday, June 6, 2011

Late Nights & Early Mornings

Yesterday we slowly made our way to the boulders as the sun fell over the ridge. All season the mudslide had blocked off areas further up Icicle Canyon so we were excited to check out some "new" blocs.

We warmed up at the Twisted Tree area then hiked down the road to the Scrambled Eggs boulder. By the time the pads were unpacked we had fired up both the lantern and our headlamps. Lib tried valiantly on Twisted Stone V3, slapping blindly into the darkness, but opted to try another time (read: daytime).

I managed a headlamp ascent of Scrambled Eggs V8 after a long an stubborn battle with some bad beta. It's funny how one subtlety can change everything. With the new beta I reached the top in a few tries and called it a night.

This morning we took advantage of the cooler temps and headed out to The Sword boulders. Lib made impressive flashes of Briefs V3 and Bowled Over V3 and I unlocked the goofy body position of The Hourglass V7. After tryng a few more things to no avail we headed over to Resurrection V8, a burly compression line with a heady top out. Although I am psyched to have sent quickly, the footage is not very flattering... Be sure to watch and laugh later this summer when we at least put it in the blooper reel.

The next few days look promising here and now that we're back in the swing of things here on real rock I'm more psyched than ever to try God is in the Details!

Also I have some photos to post, but the internet won't cooperate. Stay tuned!


  1. Did you get on the namesake Twisted Tree problem? Classic sandbag..

    Twister is also quite rad. I didn't finish it, but it's worth giving a few tries.. if you get a cool day and you're not trying the project..

  2. Hey max this is your aunt cindys boyfriend bob ,and it's been a joy reading all your blogs. It made me think of my time in Nairobi when I made a film on mt Kenya and became friends with Rick ridgeway. He is a world renown climber and videographer as well as a very successful businessman. If you r interested I would be happy to try and introduce you to him, I think it is right up your alley....good luck on your travels and if you r ever in los Angeles you always have a place to stay....bob

  3. @JF I did get on Twisted Tree, pretty tough mantle action at the end. I tried Twister a little bit, but had a tough time figuring out the start... Seems like a cool line though. I also wandered around looking for Pretty Hate Machine to no avail...

    @Bob Hey Bob, Thanks for reading! Filming in Nairobi sounds crazy. We might be around Los Angeles toward the end of August so we'll definitely have to stop by. Hope all is well!