Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Gold Bar

We headed to Gold Bar yesterday in hopes of cooler temps and new problems to get psyched on. What we thought would be a four day camping trip turned out to be a long day trip with a short session on the Five Star boulder. The boulder is amazing. Certainly able to hold it's own not only in the PNW, but would surely also be a classic anywhere in the country. The disappointment for us was the heat and humidity. The blocky sloping ledges were slimy from baking in the sun all day and it was all I could do to pull off an ascent of Sobriosity. I gave a few burns on it's big brother Ebriosity, however the slopers were just not cooperating. The line looks is beautiful, but unfortunately I think I missed my window. Lib also made some great linkage on Sobriosity, stringing together nearly every move.

We chalked the day up to satisfying our curiosity, and decided to head back to Leavenworth with plans to shoot a little more footage and try a few more lines before heading to Tahoe in a couple weeks.


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