Friday, May 13, 2011

Way Lake?

Spring is slipping away faster than I had planned for. The Pacific Northwest has been a strange experience, and while there still may be more time left to finish off a few standing projects in Leavenworth I have my sights set on alpine zones in the coming months.

The first on my list is Way Lake. The setting looks amazing, the rock seems to be featured and often steep, and the range of problems is definitely enough to keep the motivation high.

There is just one crux... I have no idea how to get there!

Looking on google maps I can find Mammoth, and even guess as to a few roads, but it's guessing at best.

That said, if you have any info to offer, whether micro or macro beta, I would most definitely appreciate the help. Chumscrubber, Wave Catcher, Meadow Roof, and Crimp Ladder all look like classics so any help finding those would most certainly warrant at least a six pack, and any leads on where to stay on the cheap for a longer trip (a month or so) surely deserves a case and an infinite number of fist bumps.



  1. yo,

    Maybe I'll meet you up there for a weekend or so.

  2. Thanks for the link! That would be awesome to meet up there. When are you back in the US?

  3. May 30th. So after that some time!