Thursday, May 26, 2011

Road Trip Essentials - Patient Pants

Let's face it, things are going to go at least mildly wrong on any road trip. Boulders will toss you off and laugh quietly as you hit the pad. Gas is expensive and will stay that way. Campgrounds will charge you an arm, leg, and first born for a 4X4 square of dirt littered with cigarette butts and faded PBR cans. Children, yes children will hike your project in front of you while blasting Bassnectar through uncannily loud portable speakers.

All this and more is sure to test your mental fortitude. To combat these plagues assign yourself a pair of Patient Pants. Deep Breath Pants. Next Go For Sure Pants. Bassnectar Isn't Really So Bad Pants. Scratch that last one. Yes they are.

Patient Shorts are also totally valid.


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