Thursday, March 10, 2011

Wish List

Putting together a list of climbs for a road trip is a funny thing. It reminds me of the detailed lists I used to write to Santa when I was a kid. Of course you put the toys you're pretty sure he'll be able to find, but inevitably you throw in a few that are long shots.

I've learned from previous road trips that the tick list should be nothing more than a condensed guidebook. Since I'll only be in Bishop for a week these are the climbs that I definitely want to spend some energy finding and trying. The great thing about road trips is that even with all the lists and plans I have no idea what will happen. I'm just hoping to climb one new problem each day.

Similar to my lists for Santa there are some safe bets and some long shots.

Buttermilks/Outlaying Areas:

Green Wall Essential
Birthday Direct
Jedi Mind Tricks
Beekeeper's Apprentice
Seven Spanish Angels
High Plains Drifter
Center Direct
Evilution (to the lip)


Disco Diva
Acid Wash


Los Locos
Feeding Frenzy
Beefy Gecko



  1. If you end up doing Redrum please take a video! Often tried, not often sent. Lots of trickery!

    Have you done Atari, Pow Pow or Checkerboard? Wills Arete and "My Heart Grows Wings Under Desert Skies" are great tall problems.

    Los Locos is super rad! Good for a hot day. Make sure to rally a bunch of pads!

    Have a great trip!

  2. If you have not already done them, Xavier's Roof and Soulslinger are must do's.

    Have you peeped yet?

  3. Both of those climbs are on my lifetime list. So many classics, so little time and skin!

    As for sendage I looked at it a little bit, but have been preoccupied with packing and such for the trip. Maybe when I get back.

    How's the UK man?