Thursday, February 3, 2011

Spittin' Venom Sees Another Ascent

A few weeks ago I saw that someone had commented on my video of Spittin' Venom asking for directions and beta. I think it's awesome when people use resources like blogs and videos to spread info about lesser known problems, and was happy to help out.

A couple days ago they commented again with a link to their own video of the problem. It's feels good to spread the psych a little bit, especially when I climb on plastic every day.



  1. Link of the video is broken! But I did track it down via your vimeo site. Very cool man. If you put up some V3's it would give me a chance to send an instant Max Moore classic.

  2. Link is broken for me too. David, there's a group of boulders just down the hill from Spittin' Venom that are really fun and range from V2 - V3. Check out my wife's video from the same trip (at 2:15): That heel hook problem was our favorite.

  3. Dokko, there is an AWESOME V3 in the Wash (now called Gateway Canyon?) next to some V10. There is even a video of it! Here: Bad feet at the beginning but great rails for your hands from start to finish. Shameless, shameless self promotion, I know.


  4. Fixed the link. I should really proofread these things. haha.

  5. Great post! Thanks for the link!