Thursday, February 17, 2011

Seagull Climbing

Seagull Custom Courier Bags out of Columbus Ohio has been making quality bags for cyclist for nearly a decade. While I was bike messenger in Chicago I used to see them all over. They would pop up as prizes for big city checkpoint races, or flash down the street with tell-tale colors and custom prints.

Recently Seagull has begun to take the same craftsmanship and focus it toward climbing. Using the same custom approach and bombproof materials found in their courier bags they have begun to prototype a few different sizes and styles of chalk bags and chalk pots.

I am really proud to be part of the team as they make their entrance to the climbing world. Their attention to the needs of serious cyclists has no doubt translated into their climbing gear.

The first word that came to mind while looking over these two pieces was durability. The water resistant double stitched Cordora (a material commonly used in messenger bags) is something I have never seen in a chalk bag. As an added layer of strength the chalk pot has a ballistic material bottom sewn in, making strong and firmer, but still pliable when it needs to be folded into a crash pad.

As with their courier bags, Seagull is using a great color palette. Two-tone chalk bags and solid color pots come standard, but they can also fill any custom order. Check out a few of their samples.

Other first impressions:
I found that the fleece lining actually warmed up my hands, a great feature for cold weather climbing.
I could fit both hands into the chalk pot with room to spare.
The medium chalk bag fits a bigger hand perfectly.
The chalk pot will not tip over. It's a tank. Seriously.

I hope to have a more thorough outdoor review once I've broken these two pieces in a little more and run them through the gauntlet. In the mean time I'm psyched that there are some quality climbing goods coming from the Midwest.



  1. Oh snap, I love Seagull gear. They make some of the coolest mess bags around. I was actually just skimming their site a week or two ago looking for a new medium sized bag. I've been toying with the idea of buying a chalk pot, and now I guess I have the perfect excuse. ForeverV2 custom embroidery anyone?

  2. To match the Forever V2 t-shirts, right?