Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The Name Game

Naming things is great, especially when it comes to a new route or boulder that (barring breakage) will be there for a while. Often the boulder will name itself, as was the case with Brevity, a terribly micro-beta intensive one-mover and Yardwork, a problem that I had to hack a bush out while cleaning.

Other problems, however, you have a name in mind. Something that you really want to stick on that rock. It can be funny, vulgar, themed, or random. Here are a few I have saved for that perfect line down the road:

A cave dubbed the 36th Chamber with all Wu themed routes.
Air Raid for a dyno or highball.
The Fridge for a wide compression problem.
Leaving Purgatory or The Waiting Room for a long-term project that finally goes.
After the Fall for something cool...that I fell on a lot.

If you read this blog please feel free to share some sweet names you have brewing. I promise not to steal them...unless they're really good. Ha.


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