Monday, November 1, 2010

Spittin' Venom

I made it out to the Kraft boulders today for the first time since May. With only a week left in Las Vegas I have a short list of lines I hope to finish before taking off. Spittin' Venom is a fairly new line put up last winter by Andrew Spencer. It starts on two decent flat edges and moves up through a small, painful razor blade. The crux revolves around establishing and yarding off this blade.

I also put up what is likely a new line up the arete to the right of Spittin' Venom. Starting on two small crimps and awkward feet it boils down to biting into the start holds, pasting feet and lurching to a finger bucket. I thought it would be over after this, however the swing quickly became the crux. Once the movement became familiar it was actually fun, but far from classic.

The name Keep Out of Reach of Children seemed to fit, and probably weighs in around V7.

Spittin' Venom V9, Calico Basin, Las Vegas, NV from BLOCHEAD on Vimeo.

View in a larger format here.



  1. Nice edit. How'd you get the closeups?

  2. Thanks! I have a cheapo tripod that I hauled out there. just set up some closer stuff after the send so people could see how heinous that blade is.

  3. One of your best and one of my favorite.