Thursday, November 18, 2010

The Rain, The Road, and 4 Backpacks

Ten days ago I moved to a new state with four backpacks. 90% of what I packed fit in these two:

Beginning with a ten hour drive, the rain began shortly after crossing the state line, and has hardly let up.

This is a great way to live. I feel stronger mentally, or at least I will looking back. It is revitalizing to shatter the routine I built for myself in Las Vegas.

Here are a few photos:

The Sun!

To those still reading, thank you. And until I find a place I'll be sure to keep you posted on living the dream from a basement in Portland.



  1. Just stumbled across your blog from Climbing Narc. Good luck in this next chapter of your life.

  2. Thanks for reading! It's good to know the climbing community is so supportive.