Friday, October 15, 2010

Joe's Valley Recap

After only spending a brief two days in Joe's Valley I now see the appeal of hanging out around Orangeville, Utah. I suppose it's a good thing there is amazing colorful sandstone because there sure isn't anything else. I had never bouldered in Utah, and feel totally excited to go back. Among other things though, I would like to spend more hours climbing than driving next trip. The lack of time for climbing forced photos and video onto the back burner, but I still managed a few.

The Right Fork...and some chalk on the lens
Kind of Burly, V8
Rock Porn
Dyno, V5
The first move on...
Fingerhut, V10
Epic approach.
The last remains of some unknown hipster.



  1. I mostly only tried things I thought I could finish in a day. Wound up sending Kind of Brawny, Team Effort (stand. Got pretty close on the sit though), portocini or portabello, and a couple other moderates with some good movement. Tried Fingerhut, but that thing is heinously sharp.

  2. So what you're saying is you have every reason to go back.