Monday, October 11, 2010


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The day I was hired to shoot weddings in downtown Las Vegas my now manager mentioned that October 10th was going to be crazy. I remember looking at him sideways, not sure if I should pretend to know why or just ask. I just asked. When I heard that it was because of the date "10-10-10" I laughed, thinking that it was crazy to let a date dictate a marriage.

After shooting 21 weddings in a span of 36 hours (including "sleep") I can safely say that I am in the minority of people laughing off an anniversary date. It would be great to get a count on the total number of photos taken yesterday by all our photographers. I can conservatively estimate my clicks for 10-10-10 around 1,300, and adding in Saturday's weddings it has to be close to 2,000 for the weekend.

Time for a break and a deep breath as the phones start ringing to book 11-11-11.


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