Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Alpine's Last Stand - Mt. Charleston

The Aspen leaves are changing from green to gold at elevation. It's cooler and darker longer. I have one more line to keep me preoccupied until the temperature makes the final push into sandstone season. Though not the hardest in the cave it does weigh in as the longest. From jug to jug it's 25 hand movements over roughly 30 feet of ground. I am almost certain no one else is climbing up there anymore, and with only 3 pads left I have to climb 75% of the problem (route) padless without a spot.

I was actually relieved to fall at the final move twice this evening. I don't think I'm ready to be done with this cave, but with the cooler temperatures creeping in it's easier to shift focus to other areas.

Until then however, you will find me alone in the cave, lying on a duct taped crashpad watching the light glance off the aspen leaves.


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