Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Dead Point Magazine Feature - Mt. Charleston

In the past I have chosen certain videos and uploaded them on Dead Point Magazine. This is the only frequently visited website where the climbing masses can upload freely. This isextremely important for keeping the climbing community just that, a community. Sites with features like this help keep the sport grounded and slow the separation and idolization of professionals. This is not to say that professionals should not be recognized and awarded for their accomplishments both personal and altruistic, however the presence of the masses are critical to avoid alienation in this relatively early stage of the sport's development.

The greatest and most unfortunate aspect of this website lies in its users. There is absolutely no filter for the videos posted on DPM. This is a great thing because climbers just becoming passionate about climbing videography can experiment and have something to be proud of on a well-known site. They can learn from their mistakes, take notes on others, and receive critique on their work.


This is not the case. Up until recently DPM allowed users to post anonymously, leading to a rash of hateful, derogatory, and ignorant comments on nearly every video. Whether it was a personal attack on the author of the video, the climber featured, a snipe on the grading, or just a few choice four-letter words it was a serious problem. I felt hesitant to post on the website and I doubt I was the only one.

That said, egos heal and change follows necessity. DPM did away with anonymous commenting (and thus 90% of comments total) so yesterday I decided to post the projecting video. After all if one person finds a video enjoyable or useful then it was worth it.

To my surprise not an hour later the video was featured on the homepage of the website. The fact that a nobody in the community can still have the opportunity to be featured among videos of professionals is a great and important thing for climbing that should not be ignored.

I am happy that a unique and very essential part of this website did not see its end at the hands of hate.



  1. Nice Max, that is truly awesome. Apologies to you and affected humanity in general regarding the bouts of rampant "douchebaggery" that comes hand-in-hand with the anonimity of the internet coupled with a "that's easy" attitude of people too chickenshit to try anything out of their comfort zone but defaming it without a thought.
    -Dave Martin

  2. Hey Dave!

    Thanks for reading. That's a great way to put it. Really nice to have the input on a subject that really undermines the community.