Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Rocklin Quarry: A White Trash Bouldering Adventure

From the Northern California Bouldering guidebook:

"...Sports about 50 fun and challenging vertical to slightly overhanging problems...has been enjoyed since the late 1970s."

Yesterday I had the pleasure of seeking out these fun and challenging problems, which after following a poorly described map, and looking to Rocklin's Finest for directions, I found nestled behind a Goodyear tire and service station. After finding problems surrounded by broken glass, garbage, and even high balls with a sewage/concrete landing I think the author made a typo. There are maybe 5 fun and challenging problems, and that is being generous.

That said I actually had a good time toward the end of the day. There are so many of these very small, very local areas, and I feel like I learn something with each new location.

Here are some photos:

Photo: Liberty Herring
Photo: Liberty Herring


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