Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Rainbow - Day 2

Went back to Rainbow to check a few more lines out and do some exploring. It looks like there is still some potential in this area, but in the meantime I managed to repeat a couple worthwhile lines including a highball V6 with a jump start to a slopey jug, and a great V7 that actually had a name! It's called Sweet N Low, and if you are in the area it is a must do. Starts with steep moves to good holds, then lips over using an arete for the right hand and a bit of trickery with the left. Finished off a late day with crimpy, vertical V4 on the backside of the boulder.

Hopefully heading back Wednesday to get some video of Sweet N Low and Ground Beef. In the mean time here are a couple photos from yesterday:
Sweet N Low, V7
Photo: Liberty Herring
An unnamed/ungraded (~V5) slope/crimp adventure.


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