Thursday, May 20, 2010

Consequences of Gluttony - Priest Draw Day 3

I thought that it was just the early morning aches. I thought I could eat breakfast, move around, warm up and climb hard. My body thought otherwise.

Craig and Andrew were psyched to get to Mars Roof as it was their last day to climb. I told them I would catch up and took my time getting out. Everything was stiff. Big muscles. Shoulder stabilizers, obliques, even hamstrings. I had overdone it.

I tried to warm up anyway, ignoring the pain. Once I pulled on Floor Pie I knew it was over though. Everything screamed. I ate a little, took some Ibuprofen, and hiked to Anorexic. With sudden amnesia I thought "Why not?" and again once pulling on my body wailed in protest. It wasn't going to happen. Not to worry though. Sore muscles are muscles recovering, getting stronger, I kept telling myself as I hiked out to meet Andrew and Craig and snap a few photos.

Craig working out the beta.

Andrew decides to take the advice on his shirt give it one more go.

It turned out to be one of those days. The energy of the group was good, and everyone was positive, however no one sent. I prefer that then the inverse however. There was progress afoot, and that's enough sometimes. Craig made huge linkage in his epic battle with the Sam Davis variation into Suplexing Navajos, dubbed Navajo Thunder Pussy, V12. It has not seen a second ascent, but it wouldn't be a stretch to say that Craig will nab it in the near future. Andrew did some more work on Carnivore, but without success.

Even Fisher was beat.

Andrew on the only send of the day. A classic and rare V0 slab climb.

At the end of the day I was bummed to leave them for my empty campsite. I am currently the only person camping in the entire park. I've done solo climbing trips before, however this is different. At least there were people, even strangers when I was in Bishop and Hueco Tanks alone. Here I am forced to be with myself, someone I have a hard time facing. At night the doubts, the worry, and the complete emptiness close in, suffocating my mind and keeping me up until the early hours of the morning. There is something more to this feeling however, something I feel that I can learn from it. What it is I'll have to find out.


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  1. there are people from Hueco in Flag right now. how much longer you there for? i can put you in touch with friends.