Thursday, May 27, 2010

4th Down Punt - Priest Draw Day 11

Today was supposed to be my last day climbing before leaving for Hueco, but after my performance on the rocks this afternoon I have to go back tomorrow morning. I'm not sure if I am still recovering from food poisoning, not using the right beta, weak, making excuses, or all of the above, but I failed miserably today on Carnivore . It makes me wonder. This climb receives the local grade of V8, but I've worked on it now for three days. It's never taken me this long to send that grade. Not even my first V8. I'm not saying that this climb is V9, but it's interesting to think that the type of climbing in Priest Draw is such that when the body gets used to it the problems, and figures out the best methods for sending, they no doubt feel immensely easier. Ah, the power of good beta. I know I do not have it, as I let my feet cut loose three separate times, but it is to late now to change up. Hopefully I can put this climb in the bag tomorrow morning and leave for Hueco with a better taste of Flagstaff in my mouth.


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  1. locals (and myself) have the best beta. you shoulda called my boys.